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The PLAXEL+ plasma pen system is a powerful and innovative tool designed to help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) while maximizing lifting effects. Our advanced true plasma technology utilizes plasma energy to stimulate the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections. With the ability to aid in wound healing and drug absorption, the PLAXEL+ plasma pen system is a versatile solution for a range of skincare needs.

PLAXEL Plasma Fibroblast Pen for Aesthetic Professionals
WORLD PLASMA LLC is the Exclusive

PLAXEL+ distributor for MEDSUN in the USA / UK

PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen Kit

Your Plasma Pen
Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Durable Metal Stand

Screw Driver


AC/DC12V 1A Adapter

6ft Cord

100 Needle Tips

1 Ball Tip

1 Flat Cold Plasma Tip

1 Curved Tip

Certificate of Warranty & Authenticity

One year limited manufacturer’s Warranty
Rechargeable Batteries Included for US customers

Plasma Fibroblast Aftercare Products (Optional)

Training Handbook With All Patterns
(Not Included With Pen Only Purchase) 

2 TKTX Numbing Tubes
For numbing the skin prior to treatment

8 Sunshine Botanicals After Care Kits
Includes Small Sizes Of All The Products Your Clients Will Need For Their Healing Process.

3 Of Our Special After Care Concealers
Includes Rinse Bottles

Back Bar Size Of Membrane Post Care MicroTonic
For Keeping The Skin Super Clean During Your Procedures.

Back Bar Size Of Sunshine Botanicals Hydrating Recovery Mist
To Calm And Nourish The Skin Right After Treatment 

Back Bar Size Of Sunshine Botanicals Rapid Repair Fluid To Speed Up Healing And Nourish The Skin Right After Treatments

50 Extra Needles For Your Device
150 Total including what you get with your PLAXEL

Plasma Fibroblast Training Curriculum

The Plasma Fibroblast Training Curriculum is a comprehensive, required training program for students who purchase the Plaxel Plasma Pen. The program includes 4 modules, covering topics such as introduction to plasma fibroblast technology, skin preparation and aftercare, techniques and patterns, and frequently asked questions. The curriculum also includes information on supplies, the consultation process, marketing tips, and more. The program is priced at $1,195 USD, but it is free with the purchase of the Plaxel Plasma Pen. Students will receive a final certification upon completion of the program.

Extra Plasma Fibroblast Training Videos

The Extra Training Videos Module is a complementary set of videos that come with the purchase of the Plaxel Plasma Pen and plasma training. The videos include detailed demonstrations and hands-on training to help students perfect their skills. Topics covered include pull and outline techniques, skin preparation and numbing, power settings, upper lid and brow lift, combo method, and more. Additionally, the videos cover advanced techniques such as milia extraction, cherry angioma removal, skin tag removal

Bonus - Microchanneling Training

The Bonus Microchanneling Module is a comprehensive training program included with the purchase of the Plaxel Plasma Pen and plasma training. The course covers everything from the basics of microchanneling to hands-on treatment demonstrations. The curriculum includes topics such as what microchanneling is, its benefits and drawbacks, client forms, skin preparation, numbing techniques, and aftercare. Additionally, students receive a discount on devices and serums (not included).

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Introductory Plasma Fibroblast Course


Online Plasma Fibroblast Training Academy

Plasma Pen Masterclass

Cold Plasma Training

Plasma Fibroblast Regulations

Skincare Products For Plasma Treatments

Skin Mapping Introduction

Skin Mapping Demonstration

Preparing The Skin For A Plasma Treatment

Jowl Lift Demonstration

Earning Potential Of Plasma Treatments

True Plasma VS Electric Pens Comparison

Paid Training Program Preview

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PLAXEL Plus plasma pen before and after photo
PLAXEL plasma fibroblast pen before and after photo
PLAXEL plasma pen before and after photo
Before and after photo of results produced y the PLAXEL plasma pen

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World Plasma LLC holds the exclusive rights to distribute PLAXEL and PLAXEL+ in the USA & UK. This can be verified directly with the manufacturer MEDSUN.

Beware of companies claiming to be distributors of PLAXEL and PLAXEL+ as there is currently only one authorized distributor. To ensure you receive a genuine product, we recommend purchasing the PLAXEL or PLAXEL+ only through World Plasma LLC.

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